The art of blending coffee is a key element of great espresso, the depth of flavour that can be created by carefully blending high quality beans surpasses any one origin used on its own, no matter how good it may be. 

At Laroma we take great pride in our blends, carefully crafted and meticulously roasted on our state of the art Loring roaster to deliver a range of coffees to suit all tastes.

Single Origin Coffee.

We are constantly on the lookout for unique, interesting specialty coffees from across the globe. It is an exciting time in the specialty coffee industry as consumers are actively seeking out better, more interesting coffees. This is great news because it has created a demand for farmers to produce the best coffee they can, and in turn they are paid more and we are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting exceptionally good coffees for you to try.

 The flavours present in some of these single estates and micro-lots are staggering, from the berry fruit and floral flavours of a Natural Ethiopian to the citrus and chocolate of a Washed Guatemalan or the delicate caramel of a Pulp Natural Brazil. We will take you on a trip around the world of specialty coffee so you too can experience what single origins have to offer. We also provide you with our own tasting notes for you to compare, information on how it was grown and processed and introduce you to the farmers and communities who produce these spectacular coffees.

Where does our coffee come from?

We love Coffee. We're completely obsessed with it, and why wouldn't we be? Coffee is fascinating. From its journey across the globe and the stories of the people who produce it, to the influence of origin, variety, "terroir" and processing on flavour, to the collision of science and art that is roasting and brewing. 

 We select our coffees from South and Central America, Africa, and South East Asia and the Pacific with rigorous cupping, choosing only the finest beans. Coffee comes from some pretty exotic places, but it also comes from some of the poorest areas of the world. 

 By buying better and more traceable coffee, and paying a premium for quality, we ensure the farmers who grow it get paid what they deserve and can continue to produce quality and consistency year after year. 

The Roasting Process.

Coffee from different regions are vastly different in terms of flavour. This is due to differences in, among many other things; variety, climate, altitude, soil type and processing method. For example, a high grown washed coffee from Guatemala is likely to be high in acidity and lighter in body with an abundant sweetness and floral and citrus notes, whereas a lower grown semi washed Sumatra Mandheling will exhibit a heavy body, low acidity and bold chocolate and earthy notes. How a coffee is roasted is essential to preserving the character of each different bean. 

Lighter roasts will be high in acidity, with more frutiness or floral notes while a darker roast will have more body, softer acidity and more sweetness. Take the roast a little too far (or, indeed, not far enough) though, and you can be left with some rather unpleasant flavours. Every bean has a different *‘sweet spot’* and by expertly controlling time, temperature and airflow during roasting we can accentuate the flavours that make each bean unique and create a well balanced and delicious coffee.