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We have sourced only the finest coffee beans from South and Central America, Africa, and South East Asia. We have taken a great deal of time to produce these incredible coffee blends for you. Just try them, and you will taste the Laroma Coffee Company difference.

Blending coffees allows you to create a complexity of flavour that cannot be attained using stand-alone coffees. It also allows us to maintain a high level of consistency throughout the year, as well as between different crop years. 

Our Blends are carefully crafted and meticulously roasted on our Loring Roasting Machine, under the watchful eye of our master roasters, to deliver a superior and consistent flavour. These coffee blends are for sale now from our online store.

More About Our Coffee Blends

Our coffee blends are created from coffee beans ethically sourced from around the globe.  

  • Our house coffee blend is the award-winning Brazil Blend, and it is created from the finest beans from Brazil, Colombia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. This bold and sweet blend gives malt, toffee and chocolate notes.
  • Pacific Blend (previously called Fair Trade blend) is created with beans grown in the rich volcanic soils of the islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean known as the Ring of Fire. This smooth-bodied blend of coffee will hit you with its cacao and citrus flavors.
  • The Sicilian Blend is a darker, earthier blend that combines beans from Pacific Ocean islands and South America for a full-bodied coffee blend experience, with hints of chocolate and caramel.
  • Our Colombian Decaf uses the “Swiss Water” decaffeination method.

    The Swiss Water Process decaffeinates coffee through a unique water process that requires no chemicals and ensure the coffee retains its individual characteristics.

    Learn more about the Swiss Water Process here:

  • For your convenience, our Spirit Blend coffee has been packed into a full-flavor capsule so you can experience the great Laroma Coffee Company flavour in your capsule coffee maker. You will love the complex tobacco and cedar flavour with a floral, fruity undertone. 

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To make sure we bring you the best coffee blends, we are hard at work every step of the coffee bean’s journey from the farm to your cup. Our Roastery in Hamilton is where the final magic happens, as we blend coffee beans then roast them on our state-of-the-art Loring coffee roaster to produce these exceptional flavours. Try them now, and you will experience the Laroma Coffee Company difference!