We live and breathe coffee, and our team tirelessly hunts for the best coffee from around the globe.. Delivering such arrestingly good flavours takes years of research, a perpetual and meticulous process of tasting new seasonal coffees and a deep respect for the earth and the farmers who so expertly cultivate what goes into your cup.. 

Learn about our NZ coffee roasters here.


Set in the heart of Frankton, 

Laroma Espresso Bar is a chance to experience the wonders of Specialty Coffee. Try one of our ever changing single origin and estate coffees or our award winning Brazil Blend. You can also buy Laroma beans and home barista gear. 


We’re not just an Espresso Coffee Company. We’re a team of coffee nuts wanting to share the wonders of Specialty Coffee in the heart of the Frankton community. Enjoy our careful research through our latest single origin and estate coffees, or let our roasting mastery deliver another cup of award-winning Brazil Blend.


Peruse our full selection of Laroma coffee blends and featured single origin coffees. We also have a catalogue of barista gear and domestic espresso machines which can be delivered straight to your door!


Follow our growing and ever changing selection of specialty single origin and estate coffees from the farm to your cup. 

Learn about Coffee Producers, discover how location and growing conditions affect the flavour conditions and compare tasting notes.


If you want that awesome Laroma taste at home, then we’d love to show you how to make a perfect brew. Need some machine TLC, or starting your own coffee shop?  We’d LOVE to show, chat, fix and explore!

Want to learn how to make great coffee? Machine need some TLC? Or even starting your own café? 

Let us show you what we have to offer and what sets us apart.

Our Goal - To Guide You on Your Coffee Journey

Delicious Coffee Beans, Awesome Coffee Machines, Great Coffee Shop

The journey to delicious coffee is an endless one, and we’d love to join you on that journey.. 

We want to share the knowledge we’ve collected over decades in the coffee industry and be your trusted partner in sourcing amazing beans from amazing coffee farmers. We know that the coffee itself has been on an amazing journey before it reaches us, so you can be sure that we treat our beans with the exacting care and enormous respect they deserve.  You can savour your coffee knowing it carries the spirit and goodwill of the hands that worked the soil for everyone’s benefit.  Join us on our ethical coffee journey, and discover the fascinating (and delicious) world of specialty coffee! Indulge in our online coffee bean shop for tastes sourced in earnest from around the world and innovatively roasted by the best coffee roasters in NZ!



40 Lake Road Frankton 
Hamilton, New Zealand 
Mon - Fri, 7:30am - 2:30pm 
07 846 0610

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