We live and breathe coffee.

Find out why it fascinates us so much. Learn about our blends and feature coffees, where they came from and who roasted them.

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Our Espresso Bar - Set in the heart of Frankton.

Laroma Espresso Bar is a chance to experience the wonders of Specialty Coffee. Try one of our ever changing single origin and estate coffees or our award winning Brazil Blend. You can also buy Laroma beans and home barista gear.

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Peruse our full selection of Laroma coffee blends and featured single origin coffees.

We also have a catalogue of barista gear and domestic espresso machines which can be delivered straight to your door!

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Follow our growing and ever changing selection of specialty single origin and estate coffees from the farm to your cup. Learn about Coffee Producers, discover how location and growing conditions affect the flavour conditions and compare tasting notes

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Want to learn how to make great coffee?

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Or even Starting your own café? 
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40 Lake Road Frankton

Hamilton, New Zealand 

Mon - Fri, 7:30am - 3:00pm 

07 846 0610

Why Laroma?

"We couldn't think of a better coffee company. Not only do they roast the most delicious coffee beans but they make our lives so simple when it comes to logistics. Thanks Laroma!"

Hannah from No Naps

We get positive feedback from our customers on a daily basis wanting to know where our coffee is from. From fresh beans to syrups and of course not forgetting service and maintenance on our brand new coffee machine- also supplied by Laroma! 

Sam from LOLA Breakfast Bar