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Best Coffee Machine Cleaner, For The Best Tasting Coffee

To make great coffee, you need to keep your equipment well maintained. Using Cafetto coffee machine cleaner regularly will help your equipment last longer and also produce tastier coffee. See below for some tips on cleaning your equipment for the best results.

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Cleaning Your Espresso Machine

  • Remove the portafilter before and after every shot, then rinse it well under hot running water from the grouphead, making sure to remove all traces of coffee grounds and oils (this also allows the brewing water to come to optimum temperature)
  • Backflush your machine with Cafetto EVO Espresso machine cleaner at least once a week to remove any accumulated oil residue from the grouphead and brew valve.
  • Ensure you repeat the backflushing process with fresh water every time you use cleaning powder to ensure that no cleaning product is left in the brew valve.
  • Use your group head cleaning brush to ensure there is no build-up of coffee grounds on the dispersion screen and the group head seal.

Keeping Your Capsule Coffee Machine Cleaner, For Longer

Over time oily residues can accumulate in the brewing chamber and delivery spout of your capsule machine, affecting the flavor of your coffee.

To increase the longevity of your capsule machine and produce the best tasting coffee, follow this cleaning guide:

  • Every day, run the machine once with an empty chamber.
  • Once a week, remove the water tank and wash it in warm, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly before replacing.
  • Also, once a week, use Cafetto Capsule Cleana capsule coffee machine cleaner, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • It is best to choose an eco-friendly coffee machine cleaner with a fully biodegradable capsule and recyclable foil.
  • Every few months, use a descaler to clean and flush your machine to remove any mineral build-up that can also affect the flavor of your coffee.

Backflushing with coffee machine cleaner and frequently using group head brushes to keep your equipment clean is the easiest way to make sure that you always get the best taste from your coffee, cup after cup - and this is what we all want!

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