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Our house blend and silver medal winner at the 2015 'NZ Coffee Awards'. 

This is a sweet and bold blend full of malt, toffee 

and chocolate notes. 

A true all rounder; the Brazil blend is great with or without milk. 

This is a blend of coffees from: 

  • Minas Gerais 
  • Brazil Antioquia 
  • Colombia Eastern Highlands
  • Papua New Guinea and Aceh
  • Sumatra


Formerly called our Fair Trade blend, the Pacific blend is made from coffees grown around the Pacific 'Ring of Fire'. 

It has a smooth body with rich Cacao flavours and a hint of citrus. 

This is a blend of coffees from: 

  • Eastern Highlands 
  • Papua New Guinea Aceh
  • Sumatra Santa Rosa
  • Guatemala


Inspired by our Brazil blend with aboost of Sumatra Mandheling, 

and a darker Roast profile to produce a full bodied blend with сhocolate and сaramel flavours and a slightly Earthy character. 

  • Ache
  • Sumatra Eastern Highlands
  • Papua New Guinea Antioquia 
  • Colombia Minas Gerais 
  • Brazil  


Translating to: "Two lands" in english, this is a marriage of two beautiful coffees from Africa and Central America. 

The base of the blend is a natural processed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, from the village of Werka. It has floral and berry fruit aroma, bright citrus notes, winey acidity and juicy body. 

Complimenting the Yirgacheffe is a washed Guatemalan coffee from Finca El Hato near Barberena. It has a chocolate aroma, with notes of orange and a complex fruity sweetness. The body is mild and round and the after taste is sweet and clean.


100% Organic Swiss water decaffeinated coffee.

Sweet caramel and toffee flavours.