Omnipure Q5486 Q-Series Water Filter Cartridge

Omnipure Q5486 Q-Series Water Filter Cartridge

Laroma Coffee Company

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Around 90% of your espresso shot is water. Think about that for a moment...

If you don't have great tasting water, what does that mean for your coffee?

Water with a high mineral content can also cause problems with your espresso machine: Limescale buildup will eventually block pipes and valves in your machine and can cause leaks, problems with level sensors, and other issues.

The Omnipure Q-series is our choice for water filtration for both domestic and commercial espresso machines.

This water filter consists of granular activated carbon to reduce chlorine taste and odour, along with a polyphosphate scale inhibitor to look after your machine.


If you require a full system, contact to enquire about an Omnipure Q-series head

Omnipure® Q-Series Chlorine Scale Taste and Odor Filters

The Q-Series is the ultimate "user friendly" inline filter cartridge on the market. Replacement of the used cartridge is completed in a matter of seconds by detaching the filter body from a permanent Q series head with a twist of the wrist.

As with all Omnipure filters, the Q-Series is ideal for use in any situation where better tasting, sediment-free water is required  in coffee machines, Fridges, ice makers, and other point of use applications.