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Superior Coffee Products For All Coffee Lovers

Laroma Coffee is the perfect place for all coffee lovers to get their favourite coffee goodies! What started as a passion has snowballed into serving a community of like-minded coffee lovers, helping them with all their coffee needs. 

From beans to machines, we have first-rate coffee products that can help turn your own coffee station at home into one that you can show off to your friends while serving quality coffee full of different flavours.

Ready to get started? Take a look at our range of coffee blends, accessories, machinery and fun additions! 

Embarking on Your Coffee Journey

We're always trying to help our fellow coffee lovers out with any advice we can give to create your own little coffee haven at home, just like we've created at our Espresso Bar in Hamilton, NZ. 

Rob is an NZSCA-accredited barista trainer and qualified espresso machine technician who’s always keen to share his knowledge so you can get the most out of your coffee equipment.

First, you'll need the right coffee machine and grinder to get you started. Browse through our exquisite coffee machines, such as the Vibiemme Domobar: The benchmark in Italian-designed home espresso machinery. Don't forget the all-important grinder too! With options such as Mahlkonig X54 and Mazzer Mini, you’ll take your home coffee station to the next level!

Look out for our range of coffee accessories, such as milk jugs, tampers and more. We have everything you need to make cafe-quality coffee at home.  

Lastly, you will need to properly clean and maintain your coffee equipment to ensure that your coffee machine makes high-quality, flavourful coffee time and again for many years. You'll find some useful brushes, cleaning products and more while you browse our shop online.

Creating That Delicious Brew

To create a unique and delicious cup of coffee, you'll need to find the blends and beans that suit your palate. Our blends have won medals at the NZ Coffee Awards, and we take great care to ensure you get the same unique flavour batch after batch, year after year!

Looking for a sweet and bold blend with hints of malt and toffee? Then try our Brazil blend. If you’re looking for something a little stronger: our Sicilian Blend is all about big body and a roasty finish, while our Pacific Blend packs a punch with decadent chocolate sweetness and a pleasant, lingering finish. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can experience the best of Ethiopian and Colombian speciality coffees in our Dos Tierras blend: A Fruity aroma with citrus and currant notes precedes an outrageously juicy mouthfeel, fading into a delicate gingerbread aftertaste. Designed as an espresso blend that also punches above its weight when your favourite soft brew method gets involved! 

Can't find the coffee product, equipment or accessory you're looking for? Contact us today to find out how we can help source exactly what you need!