Will A Vibiemme Domobar Suit You?

You’re upgrading your coffee ritual from a plunger to a machine but you’re not sure which one to invite into your home. At Laroma, we are fans of the superb range Domobar which is made by the Italian coffee machine brand Vibiemme, based in Milan for forty years.

To help with your choice decisions, we share insights into the Vibiemme Domobar machine today.

The Domobar Range

Domo is Italian for home. Bar is Italian for café. 

Domobar = café at home!

The Domobar range is a great choice for coffee fans who appreciate, and long for, perfect espresso at home. There are two options for the Domobar: “Junior” and “Super”. As you would expect, these offer different functions for a casual home user (Domobar Junior) to a near-professional home barista (Domobar Super). 

With the Super, you will have an exceptionally high performance machine, with a Commercial Pressurestat and rotary vane pump, 1800W element heating a 2.7L boiler and the ability to switch between the on-board water reservoir and a mains water connection.

Each of these fantastic machines guarantee you an impeccable coffee extraction, allowing you to enjoy cafe quality coffee at home.

Enter The Domobar Junior 

The Domobar Junior, like the Super, uses an E-61 grouphead: the undisputed champion of home espresso technology. The Thermosyphon system uses natural convection in the heat exchanger, which moves the fluid around the grouphead without the intervention of a mechanical pump, ensuring incredible thermal stability shot after shot.

With a 1.4L boiler, heated by a 1600W element and a simple vibratory pump, this little machine really punches above it’s weight. 

Sized to perform just about anywhere, a 2.8L water reservoir supplies the boiler and grouphead no matter where in the world you are: Bach, Boat or at Home

Which is the right Domobar for you?

Which Domobar you choose depends on a number of factors, The Super is able to pump out shot after shot and jug after jug of perfectly steamed milk, giving you an authentic cafe experience at home. If you are after seamless performance when you put your machine through it’s paces, or love to entertain and expect friends to be queuing at your front door for their morning brew: then the Domobar Super is right for you

The Domobar Junior is the little brother to the Domobar Super in size but still delivers mighty performance in a smaller package giving you a flat white as good as you'll get anywhere in the world. If you want a reasonably priced machine that will provide spectacular quality espresso coffee, you need not look any further than the Domobar Junior.

Next Steps

All you need to do now is stock up on your favourite beans and perhaps some new options to experiment with at home. And then get used to making loads of coffees for the your appreciative friends!

Get your favourite Vibiemme Domobar, Junior or Super here today!