Panama- Berlina Estate "Boquete Bourbon Microlot" Natural

Origin: Panama

Region: Horqueta, Boquete

Farm: Berlina Estate

Micro Lot: 2016/17 Bourbon

Process: Natural 

Tasting Notes: Refined blackcurrant, soft spices and cloves up front. A boozy plum and apricot acidity with a heavy body makes way for a sweet sticky finish of dark chocolate, leather, malt and toffee.

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This specialty coffee has been produced by Casa Ruiz, S.A. Harvested and processed at the prized Berlina Estate, the coffee has been grown at elevations of 1500-1600 MASL. Coffee from this estate has been frequently awarded within the specialty coffee sector, and is considered an ambassador of the genuine seed that was originally planted in Boquete. Berlina Estate is located in the region of Horqueta in Boquete, Panama. The estate was founded by Mr. Segundo Diaz, a Colombian soldier who was sent to Panama to fight the
separatist uprise at the beginning of 1900s. After a peaceful separation was achieved between Panama and Colombia, Colombians were given the choice to return to Colombia or settle in Panama. Mr. Diaz feel in love with Boquete and married a Panamanian girl.

In the 1920s he decided to start a coffee plantation high in the mountains of Boquete. They built a small sugar cane mill that was run by a
water wheel. They grew corn, and farmed chickens and pigs. After the coffee had been harvested it was processed using energy from the water wheel. The family built an attic to store the parchment coffee, taking advantage of the dry conditions created by the sunheated roof. Coffee became the main source of income for the Diaz family. By the 1930s the Berlina Estate name had become
synonymous with quality coffee, however during this time the price of coffee fell sharply and subsequently forced the Diaz family to sell the farm and move on. The Estate was purchased by Casa Ruiz S.A. in 1997, and since then has been under the management and stewardship of the organisation.

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