Enjoy An Espresso From Our Coffee Company Knowing It Was Ethically Sourced

Ethical trade is not just an industry buzzword but an essential part of our commitment to sustainability and fair practices in the coffee industry. Our commitment to ethical trade means that the beans for your espresso from our coffee company are sourced from ethical and sustainable sources, ensuring that the farmers who grow our coffee receive a fair price for their labour and are able to invest in the long-term sustainability of their farms. 

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at our commitment to ethical trade and share why it's an integral part of our business.

Fair Prices For Farmers

We believe in paying fair prices for the coffee beans we source from around the world for your espresso from our coffee company. This means that supply chain transparency is a must. We pay a fair price for our green beans, and know that the hard working producers will receive their fair share. Our commitment to fair prices ensures that farmers can earn a sustainable income and invest in their farms and communities, which in turn helps to support the local economy and promote long-term sustainability.

Sustainable Coffee Farming Practices

In addition to fair prices, we also prioritize sustainable coffee farming practices. Composting and “Sugarcane Decaffeination” are examples of simple, environmentally sustainable practices that can also help make coffee farms more profitable by using locally abundant resources and byproducts of coffee processing to increase yields and lower production costs. Shade-grown coffee reduces deforestation, creates habitats for native animal and plant species, and also greatly increases the quality of the coffee. 

We also work with farmers who prioritize social sustainability by investing in their communities, building municipal coffee processing facilities, providing fair wages and benefits to their workers, and supporting education and healthcare initiatives in their local areas.

Our Ethical Trade Philosophy

Sustainable and ethical practices in the coffee industry are essential for the long-term health and prosperity of the industry. Investing in fair prices, sustainable farming practices, and transparent supply chains can help promote a more equitable and sustainable future for coffee farmers and their communities. 

We are committed to using our business as a force for good and making a positive impact in the world through our ethical trade practices so that you can enjoy the espresso from our coffee company with a clear conscience. 

Contact Laroma Coffee Company today to join us on our ethical coffee journey and discover the fascinating and delicious world of specialty espresso coffee beans from our company. We want to share the knowledge we have collected over decades in the coffee industry and be your trusted partner in sourcing amazing beans from amazing coffee farmers.