Colombia "Asprotimana Long Fermentation Process"

Town Timana

Region Huila

Producer 11 smallholder Farms

Process 36-48 hour Fermentation, sun dried on beds and patios

Altitude 1650-1850m

Cupping Notes tangerine and passionfruit aromas precede the sweet, fresh acidity. The body is soft and round and the aftertaste is lingering with notes of sugar cane

ASPROTIMANA (Asociación de Productores Agricolas de Timaná), is an Association of 150 high quality producers located in Timana-Huila created by Robinson Figueroa Hernandez more than a decade ago. The association has picked some of their best coffees to create their "insignia" blend. This coffee is cautiously over fermented in between 36 and 48 hours, depending of the altitude where the coffee is grown as well as the variety of the lot picked.

The result is an extremely sweet coffee, which has hints of citric notes as well as a velvety sugar cane end. Asprotimana is also known for being creative in the way of producing different variaties like Geisha, pink bourbon and Typical.

Timaná is located in south Huila, the biggest coffee producer department in Colombia. It is one of the oldest towns in the country, colonized Spanish conquerors in 1538 after facing one of the cruelest fights with the brave tribe Timanae that lived in the town. The tenacity of the people from this area makes Timaná a municipality that delivers of the best coffees in the world.